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Tawid Eskwela 2017 CLG Manila "New Beginning" 2017 Camp CLG/s 19th Anniversary (12 February 2017)
On the 12th of February, CLG celebrated its 19th year anniversary. It has been nearly two decades since the church first opened its doors and now it is home to more families of different generations and different backgrounds.

The anniversary was a celebration of time. Photos of the church from the past years were posted all around the church, showing stories of how CLG came to where they are now. Testimonies of past and present members were also presented to remind everyone that God is a man of His word. It was also a celebration of the future as the church take on another year as a family with a new vision and mission to look onto.

The Sunday service incorporated a program, which included a song number from the men’s ministry, a dance number courtesy of the women’s ministry and children’s ministry. The program ended with a colourful rain of confetti and balloons.

The celebration won’t be complete without fellowship and everyone enjoyed a scrumptious meal of pasta, barbeque and a mix of different desserts made by members.

It was an anniversary for the books once again and here are some photos:

CLG Anniversary pic

CLG Anniversary pic

CLG Anniversary pic

Deliverance teaching with Ps Gerald James (17-18 November 2016)

CLG Deliverance Teaching
On November 17 to 18, Pastor Gerald James came to teach about deliverance. There were a lot of attendees from CLG and other churches. He gave a brief history on how deliverance came to be and what it is according to the Bible. He explained the difference between demon oppression and demon possession. He also gave steps to be fully delivered and what it means to be delivered. The two-day event ended with Pastor Gerald encouraging anyone who needs deliverance to approach him or any of the CLG pastors for a one-on-one session.

2016 Family Camp News (21-23 October 2016)

CLG 2016 Family Camp
CLG 2016 Family Camp was indeed a gathering towards greater heights.

Acacia building at Tops Conference Centre was CLG’s home for the past weekend. There were 70 people including guests attended the 3 day camp, where daily morning devotions happen at 6 am in the morning.

Pastor Gerald James from Hope Ministries led the Holy Ghost Night where the Spirit of the Lord anointed each and every soul present. The room was filled with words of glory and songs of praise. There was no name mentioned other than Jesus.

Pastor Miles and Judy Witherford blessed the camp again during the Sunday service where the Spirit of the Lord continued to come and fill the room. Pastor Miles also led sister Lyn Oosterman and sister Maria Singh when they decided to fully give up their life to Jesus during the water baptism.

The CLG camp did not just take the theme of Greater Heights to the sessions but it was also evident in the fun activities. The newly introduced Movie Night was a success where the adults, kids, youth and young adults enjoyed three different movies relatable to their spiritual growth. These were then incorporated to CLG Survivor led by Young Married Couples leader Jason Borja. Everyone took part in the movie quiz and used their listening skills, creative skills and strategic skills to get the highest score, which will be added to the Sportsfest.

The Sportsfest led by Youth leader Michael Cruz and Young Adults ministry leader Steven Tripney took the traditional Noughts and Crosses to a whole new level. The camp’s popular Goliath game tested each team’s sportsmanship to claim victory in the awards ceremony.

Winning teams, including the camp’s Zaccheaus awardee sister Joyce Belen, were awarded with hampers filled with goods courtesy of the Camp’s Good Samaritan awardees sister Winnie and brother Bimbo Salva. The Moses award was handed to sister Baby Atienza for being humble throughout the 3-day camp and Youth member Jacob Yap received the Spirit of CLG award courtesy of the Sportsfest. Awards and recognitions were also given to the kids courtesy of Children’s ministry leader Marissa Borja and to CLG leaders courtesy of Senior Pastor Imelda Mesa.

There are more photos on CLG’s Facebook page.

Father's Day News (4th September 2016)
Our Father in heaven witnessed the wonderful celebration organised by the Youth Ministry to honour every father at church. Every one was in a celebratory mood, honouring every dad, spiritual fathers and single moms who raised their children on their own. They were spoilt with chocolates, sausage sizzles, steak sandwiches and a song and dance number by the CLG Youth.
CLG Father's Day 2016
CLG Father's Day 2016
There are more photos on CLG’s Facebook page.

Neighbourhood Blitz (3rd September 2016)
Neighbourhood Blitz was a success once again. Three souls were saved and gave their life to Jesus! Although it was just a small group of 3, they still went out and preached the Good News. It all paid of for they know their mission that day and that is to share Christ’s message. Let us take this as an encouragement and unite on the next Blitz. See you then!

Neighbourhood Blitz (13 August 2016)
Another successful Neighbourhood blitz in Bunya happened on the 13th of August. Pastor Imelda was back in action after her Nigeria trip – knocking on doors and sharing God’s love to our neighbours. Yna, a CLG member, joined the blitz for the first time.

“It wasn’t intimidating or overwhelming as I expected. It was a nice experience. People were kind to entertain us and those who were uninterested politely said no. There were also a few who believe in a different God but they were still kind to acknowledge our presence and take time to listen to us… If you know God, you won’t be anxious or scared cause you know you are doing it for Him and He will not take you there if He knows you can’t handle it.” Yna said.

Seeds were planted onto the hearts of the people they met. They heard about God’s love and mighty powers. Some were interested to visit the church and some were interested to know more about God.

CLG will continue to plant seeds onto each household. So come with the Pastors on the next neighbourhood blitz and together we can plant seeds onto the hearts and households of the people we’ll meet.

Ps Imelda's Nigeria Trip (1-8 August 2016)
The Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT) Nigeria invited Pastor Imelda again for their annual convention. For two years in a row, Pastor Imelda said yes and it was a successful and fruitful trip as always. It was held on 01 August to 08 August 2016 and it was focused on The God of all blessings.

This year, Pastor Imelda encouraged the women, as instruments in the kingdom of God to lead their children to Christ. They were also encouraged to submit to their husbands and treasure their marriage because it is for a purpose and it is not by accident. Her message and sharing have blessed the women in the conference.

“She gave us messages to take back to our home and it was a powerful session.” wife of the General Secretary of GOFAMINT said.

Attendee and missionary Hannah said: “She came to teach the Word of God in the women’s conference and it was really powerful. We are so blessed and we are happy to have her. We hope you [CLG] will release her next year”

It was indeed a wonderful and exciting experience that we also get to see and share. Below is a video of Pastor’s trip.

Prayer and Worship Night (3rd August 2016)
On the 3rd of August, CLG gathered again for Prayer and Worship Night. Praises were all given to God. Pastor Cathy reminded the church to never be anxious. We should go by faith and not by sight.

Prayer and Worship Night. The church were encouraged to shout God’s praise louder that the walls will fall. When we praise him, faith arises. When we have faith in Him, our worries will go away for He works in us. He is in us and we know how great He is. He will take our anxiousness. He will not let it overpower us if we just praise Him and glorify His name.

Psalm 46:10 say: “Be still and know that He is God.” We must learn how to be still and trust in Him. He is our refuge and strength. We will not fall for He is with us and he works in us. Let our hearts be still and remind ourselves that He is God. He will never leave us nor fail us. We should be still in his presence and allow him to speak to us for our God is for us and not against us.

So on the next Prayer and Worship night, let us all gather at CLG Arndell Park. Let us unite in lifting our prayers and unite in praising him for He is Almighty. He deserves all our praise!

Neighbourhood Blitz News (30th July 2016)
Good day! Last Saturday, a group of church members led by Pastor Cathy Tripney went to Bunya for the Neighbourhood Blitz. The group’s aim was to share their faith through hearing and that’s what they did. They went to houses, knocking on doors and started conversations with Mark 3:16. Some welcomed the group and some weren’t interested but this didn’t stop the group from sharing the Word of God to other households. Others turned them down but they just moved on and continued with their mission. There were no souls saved that day but every household were reminded that Jesus loves them. The church may not win souls that day but they have surely implanted a good seed into every household they went to. So let this serve as an encouragement for you to take part in the next Neighbourhood Blitz and together we can serve God and glorify His name.

Men and Women's Breakfast (23 July 2016)
Once again, Men and Women’s breakfast had been a fruitful morning!

The women of CLG have been encouraged and reminded that God works and lives in each of us in order to fulfil his good purpose (Philippians 2:13). We can achieve everything because God is in us. He gives us desire and power to do what we are called for. He said he will not forsake us and He kept his word by giving us The Holy Spirit to strengthen us and live within us. If we just let God use us, he will do the work for us. He will not leave us for He is our Father. Just as the CLG men have been reminded to acknowledge God’s authority by submitting ourselves and obeying him just as Jesus did (1 Peter 2:13-25).

So on the 3rd Saturday of August, come and join the men and women of CLG. Be encouraged and be filled with God’s word and scrumptious food. You wouldn’t want to miss that but first here is a glimpse of what happened on the men and women’s breakfast this Saturday:

Prayer of Salvation

Accept Jesus today!
In John 14:6 Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour today and experience the difference He will make in your life. Follow the simple prayer below:

The Sinner's Prayer
Dear Lord Jesus,
I come to you today and confess that I need you. Please come into my heart and my life. Jesus, be my Lord and Saviour. Wash me and cleanse me...And forgive me of all my sins. Thank you for giving me a brand new start. Today, I open my life to you. I am now a child of the King. AMEN!

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